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Bellamy Pirates' flag

The Bellamy Pirates (ベラミー海賊団, Beramī Kaizokudan) are pirates based in Jaya in the Grand Line region, once led by Bellamy the Hyena. They originated from North Blue. Their ship was New Witch's Tongue. and the total bounty is at least 38,000,000 berries.



Pirate Flag[]

Having allied themselves under the Don Quixote Pirates, the Bellamy Pirates bore a second jolly roger, their own and Doflamingo's.

Bellamy's personal flag is a pair of red lips against crossbones with the tongue sticking out.

Don Quixote's flag is a crossed-out smiley face with a wide grin showing teeth. Sirkees has this tattooed on his chest and belt, and the crew tends to leave this mark onto locations they've plundered, as they did against the Saruyama Alliance. As Doflamingo dismissed the crew, with only Bellamy remaining as a member of the Don Quixote Family, the Bellamy Pirates are no longer allowed to use the flag as they had dishonored it.

Crew Members[]

  • Bellamy - Captain, Spring-Spring Fruit user
  • Sirkees - First Mate, Swordsmen
  • Lily - Member
  • Ross - Member, Swordsmen
  • Eddy - Navigator
  • Hewitt - Chef
  • Rivers - Sniper
  • Mani - Member
  • Myure - Doctor

Crew strength[]

Other Information[]