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Gum-Gum Fruit trick

- travelreat distances quickly. Luffy has no problem letting other people play with his rubber body, which people tend to take advantage of.

Cant swim cause he a loser[]

Luffy always begins his techniqes by saying "IM A PB" in the Japanese version and finish with an attack-specific word, either in Japanese or English, such as Rapid Fire or Yari. The majorit of them are named after various other aspects such as physical objects to mental stupidity. n the English version, all of Luffy's Cursed Fruit based attacks begin with "Gum-Gum..." instead of Gomu Gomu. dee cum nutz

  • Gum-Gum Blast On Zoro (ゴムゴムブスト, Gomu Gomu Burasuto): Luffy's signature attack. A standard straight punch, augmented with stretching. This attack can be used from short to long range
  • Gum-Gum Rocket (ゴムゴムロケット, Gomu Gomu Roketto): Luffy's main methd of traveling long distances fast. He stretches out one of his arms or both and grabs a handhold, then retracts them, projecting himself high into the air at hih speeds, over great distances, or even into an opponent. This technique is oftentimes reckless especially if not done properly as Luffy could accidentally prpel himself into a body of water or worse.
  • Gum-Gum Whip (ゴムゴム鞭, Gomu Gomu Muchi): Luffy stretches his leg and kick in a wide circle, striking multiple foes.
  • Gum-Gum Hammer (ゴムゴムハンマー, Gomu Gomu Hanmā): Luffy takes hold of hs opponent with his hands, then spins, twisting his arms. He then untwists them, rapidly spinning his opponent, while bringing him crashing to the floor
  • Gum-Gum Balloon (ゴムゴム風船, Gomu Gomu Fūsen): A technique wherein Luffy inflates himself rapidly through his mouth, further increasing hisresistance to blunt attacks. With his inflated body, Luffy is capable of deflecting projectile attacks back to their shooters. This is not necessarily alwaysattack as Luffy can also use this technique for other purposes aside from deflecting projectiles such as escaping Smoker's Smoke Snake technique or using himself as a cushion when his ship is in for a hard landing. This can also prevent Lufy from sinking under water, making him bounce off the surface.
  • Gum-Gum Fist (ゴムゴム拳, Gomu Gomu
  • pnent and pulls himself towards them. He then stretches out his other arm and clotheslines his opponent.
  • Gum-Gum Double Barrel (ゴムゴムダブル・バレル, Gomu Gomu Daburu Bareru): Lufy stretches both his arms far back, and then hurls them forward, striking his opponent with both instantaneously. This is usually used as a finishing move
  • Gum-Gum Rapid Fire (ゴムゴムラピッドファイヤー, Gomu Gomu Rapiddo Faiyā): Luffy uses his stretching ability to ring his fists forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong punches that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms, however he doesn't actually grow more arms so his arms can be caught by an opponent fast enough (as Eneru and Rob Lucci demonstrated).
  • Gum-Gum Spear (ゴムゴムスピア, Gomu Gomu Supia): Luffy holds his feet together and kicks with both simultaneously Cum-Cum Bell (ゴムゴム鐘, Gomu Gomu Kane): While grappled onto an enemy, Luffy stretches his neck backwards, then snaps it back for a devastating head butt to the opponent's face.
  • Cum-Cum Slingshot (ゴムゴムパチンコ, Gomu Gomu Pachinko): Luffy grabs hand and foot holds, then intercepts a projectile, stretching back and firing the pojectile back at its origin.
  • Gum-Gum Giant Scythe (ゴムゴム大鎌, Gomu Gomu Ōgama): Identical to Cum-Cum Bell, but he uses both arms for the rocket and the clotheslining.
  • Gum-Gum Burst (ゴムゴムバースト, Gomu Gomu Bāsuto): Luffy stretches one arm far behind him, then snaps it back to deliver a short-distance, one-fistedpowerful blow to an opponent.
  • Gum-Gum Giant Hammer (ゴムゴムギガントハンマー, Gomu Gomu Giganto Hanmā): Similar to Cum-Cum Hammer, but he performs it using the feet and les instead of hands and arms while in mid-air.
  • Gum-Gum Pinwheel (ゴムゴム風車, Gomu Gomu Kazaguruma): Luffy plants his feet into the ground to steady himself, then twists his body around tightly. He tn grabs hold of an object and unwound, spinning around several times around rapidly to crush multiple foes surrounding him. After that, Luffy then lets go of object he used before and threw it far away. While it took out most of his opponents, it however had the disadvantage of getting Luffy's feet stuck in the grond. Luffy also used an alternate version of this move during his fight with Rob Lucci, where he doesn't plant his feet into the ground, but simply grabs hi target and twisting his mid-section before unwinding, and throwing his opponent.
  • Gum-Gum Shield (ゴムゴム盾, Gomu Gomu Tate): Luffy grabs the fingers of one hand with the other, and stretches them before his face to block blades that pass betwen the fingers.
  • Gum-Guminger Net (ゴムゴム指網, Gomu Gomu Yubi Ami): Luffy entwines his fingers making a net like shape and then stretches out his fingers making a larger net in an attempt to trap his opponents.
  • Gum-Gum A (ゴムゴムアックス, Gomu Gomu Akkusu): Luffy stretches one leg high into the air, then brings it crashing down on an opponent or structure, for massive damage, strong enough to destroy large buildings and ships in a single hit.
  • Gum-Gum Gra (ゴムゴムグラブ, Gomu Gomu Gurabu): A technique wherein Luffy stretches his arm out to catch something. The recoil of this technique is somewhat reckles as Luffy's arm pushed Zolo off the Merry Go as Luffy reeled it back in.
  • Gum-Gum Suspesion Bridge (ゴムゴム吊橋, Gomu Gomu Tsuibashi): A technique wherein Luffy turns himself into a make-shift bridge by laying his rubber body across a gap.um-Cum Lasso (ゴムゴム投げ縄, Gomu Gomu Nagenawa): A technique wherein Luffy entwines himself around something, and then stretches his arm tograb an object.
  • Gum-Gum Bouquet (ゴムゴムブーケ, Gomu Gomu Būke): A technique in which Luffy grabs hold of a ship's mast and slams it into his opponentCum-Cum Clb (ゴムゴムクラブ, Gomu Gomu Kurabu): A technique that Luffy had to temporarily come up with while on Little Garden. Mr. 3 uses the powers of the Wa-Wax Fruit several times to wra large wax cylinder around Luffy's feet and then later arm. Instead of slowing Luffy down, Luffy actually uses the wax cyliner to his advantage. Using it like a hammr, he first destroyed the pole on Mr. 3's wax creation with a cylinder wrapped around his feet. Luffy then later broke hrough Mr. 3's Candle Wall and pounded Mr. 3 himself with a cylinder on his arm. The cylinders that bound Luffy's feet and arm both broke upon impact
  • Gum-Gum Stamp (ゴムゴムスンプ, Gomu Gomu Sutampu): Luffy stretches his leg out and hits his opponent with the bottom of his foot, leaving an imprint, or "stamp", of his sandal.
  • Gum-Gum Crossbow (ゴムゴムクロスボウ, Gomu Gomu Kurosubō): Luffy takes hold of his opponent, then repeatedly twists his torso vertically around his waist. The resulting snapback sends his opponent flying upwards.
  • Gum-Gum Twister (ゴムゴムツイスター, Gomu Gomu Tsuisutā): Luffy jumps into the air and does a Cum-Cum Hammer, with his hands grabbing an object to prevent something from attacking him, spinning it around in a cyclone before slamming down onto Merry Go's deck.
  • Gum-Gum Grappling hook (ゴムゴム水くれ, Gomu Gomu Mizu Kure): Similar to Gum-Gum Rocket, except Luffy wraps the outstretched arm several times around the target before rocketing towards it.
  • Gum-Gum Uppercut (ゴムゴム砂土割り, Gomu Gomu Sadowari): While fighting on sandy terrain, Luffy outstretches his arm and skims the surface of the sand to uppercut the opponent from afar.
  • Gum-Gum Spring (ゴムゴムゼンマイ, Gomu Gomu Zenmai): Similar to Cum-Cum Rocket, however he wraps his arm around a round object multiple times, making it very firm, he then spins around the object then suddenly getting shot very far and high in the direction Luffy wants.
  • Gum-Gum Keep Away (ゴムゴムキープアウェイ, Gomu Gomu Kīpu Awei): A joke technique in which Luffy stretches his arm to keep objects away from others attempting to steal it.
  • Gum-Gum Submarine (ゴムゴム潜水艦, Gomu Gomu Sensuikan): Similar to Cum-Cum Blast, but his fist travels underground to uppercut the target
  • Gum-Gum Munch-Munch (ゴムゴムムュムンチュ, Gomu Gomu Munchu Munchu): Luffy stretches his mouth wide open, and attempts to bite or trap his opponent.
  • Gum-Gum Buzzsaw (ゴムゴム丸鋸, Gomu Gomu Marunoko): Luffy grabs his opponent from afar with both arms and winds himself up like with a crossbow. He then kicks off from the ground and sins towards his opponent to deliver a powerful head butt.
  • Gum-Gum Quake (ゴムゴムクエイク, Gomu Gomu Kueiku): Starts off as an ordinary Cum-Cum Blast attack, after which Luffy "twangs" his stretched arm, causing his fist to connect multiple tims.
  • Gum-Gum Storm (ゴムゴムストーム, Gomu Gomu Sutōmu): An extremely powerful move and is easily one of Luffy's strongest attacks. Luffy first uses Cum-Cum Balloon and twist his body arond tightly, then lows the air out behind him while untwisting to fly in forward while spinning towards an opponent, where he delivers a constant, quicker and faster barrage of powerful punches and kicks somewhat similar to Cum-Cum Rapid Fire, with power greatly enhanced by the momentum of his launch. This attack s so powerful it can also beat strong opponents like Crocodile, when he send him through an extremely thick celling of solid bedrock and cause a huge earthquake in Alabasta, and then propel him several hundred feet into the air. This technique can be used going sideways, upwards towards airborn targets, and downwards while Luffy is airborne.
  • Gum-Cum Bungee Jump (ゴムゴムバンージャンプ, Gomu Gomu Banjī Janpu): When holding onto a ledge while stretched, Luffy retracts his arm to pull him up while hopping along the wall.
  • Cum-Cum Grappling Hook (ゴムゴム鉤縄, Gomu Gomu Kaginawa): Luffy used this to make a way from his ship to another ship. He stretches his arm far to catch the Navy ship and retracts it, just like Cum-Cum Rocket.
  • Cum-Cum Mooring Line (ゴムゴム艫綱, omu Gomu Tomozuna): Luffy stretches both of his arms between the ship he is on and the one he wants to go to. By jumping off the ground, he is able to pull himsef and passengers to the ship that he is holding onto.
  • Cum-Cum Warp (ゴムゴムワープ, Gomu Gomu Wāpu): A sort of joke move used in the Rainbow Mist. Since the phenomenon creates a wormhole-like effect, Luffy attempts to "rocket" out of it only to end up exacly where he started.
  • Cum-Cum Fireworks (ゴムゴム花火, Gomu Gomu Hanabi): Luffy jumps into the air and spins around rapidly. Then he unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks that go in every direction due to the spinning motion.
  • Cum-Cum Space-Out... (ゴムゴムボー,Gomu Gomu no Bō...): A technique in which Luffy 'switches off' his conscious mind, allowing him to avoid attacks entirely on instinct. This made him immune to Eneru's mind-readng Mantra ability. The disadvantage is that he can neither think nor attack in this state.
  • Cum-Cum Octops (ゴムゴムたこ, Gomu Gomu Tako): A technique in which Luffy makes his appendages go limp that they resemble the tentacles of an octopus
  • Cum-Cum Octopus Fireworks (ゴムゴムたこ花火, Gomu Gomu Tako Hanabi): Much like Cum-Cum Fireworks except, due to the previous move, Cum-Cum Octopus, his limbs bounce off ofwalls without losing speed. Because his limbs are limp, Luffy can't predict or control where they will go if they ricochet off of an object, much less the unlucky opponent(s). This is completely advantageous against a Mantra ability user as they also can't predict where Luffy's punches and kicks would come at them.
  • Cum-Cum Drill (ゴムゴムドリル, Gomu Gomu Doriru): Similar to the Cum-Cum Burst, but Luffy twists his arm around as he stretches it behind him and hits the opponent at close range, putting a spin on them.
  • Cum-Cum Yo-Yo (ゴムゴムヨーヨー, Gomu Gomu Yō-Yō): With a gold ball attached to his arm, Luffy holds onto an object and uses the ball to stretch himself so far that when he snps back he is sent flying into the sky. A variation f this is used with Cum-Cum Balloon during the Enies Lobby saga as Luffy uses it to escape the Navy by jumping down from a build in while still holding on the bouncing back up.
  • Cum-Cum Fireworks: Golden Peony (ゴムゴム花火・黄金牡丹, Gomu Gomu Hanabi: Ōgon Botan): During Luffy's fight with Eneru, he encased Luffy's arm in a Golden Ball he created by melting some gold with his Gloam Paddling technique. With this, Eneru hoped to hinder Luffy's actions. Luffy however, despite burdened with this huge cumbersome object, was able to still move about and use his burden to his advantage in two techniques that he had to temporarily come up with. It is the same as Cum-Cum Fireworks, bt with the Golden Ball attached to his arm.
  • Cum-Cum Golden Drill (ゴムゴム黄金ドリル, Gomu Gmu Ōgon Doriru): The same as Cum-Cum Drill but with the Golden Ball attached to his arm. This move possesses much more speed than a regular Cum-Cum Drill in that it creates a Sonic Boom when used. After destroying Eneru's Kingdom Come with the Golden Ball, Luffy used this technique to defeat Eneru and ring the Golden Bell of Shandora. This was so fast that even though Eneru's Mantra ability could detect it, this was too fat for Eneru to avoid. With this technique, Luffy was also able to break the Golden Ball encasing his arm as the ball hit the bell
  • Cum-Cum Top (ゴムゴム独楽, Gmu omu oma): uffy wraps an outstretched arm several times around a target, then pulls his arm away suddenly, causing the target to spin out of control.
  • Cum-CumCannon (ゴムゴムピキャノン, Gomu Gomu yanon): Luffy first stretches both his arms far back, then snaps them back to deliver a long barrage series of quick punches. Luffy also has an alternate version of this move, where he builds up speed with a long series of quick punches, and finishes with a single double-fisted blow. A powerful technique that can pierce strong armor, and, in combination with Zolo's Three-Swords Style, devastating enough to puncture a hole through a massive tidal wave.
  • Cum-Cum Ally Robot (ゴムゴム味方ロボ, Gomu Gomu Mikata Robo): Luffy wraps his arms around a person's limbs in order to manipulate their movements.
    • Ally Robot Punch (味方ロボパンチ, Mikata Rbo Panchi): Luffy uses his "Ally Robot" to punch an opponent.
    • Ally Robot Kick (味方ロボキック, Mikata Robo Kikku): Luffy uses his "Ally Robot" to kick an opponent.
  • Cum-Cum Volcano (ゴムゴム火山, Gomu Gomu Kazan): Similar to Cum-Cum Axe, except Luffy's foot is stretched upwards to break through a roof.
  • Cum-Cum Twin Blast (ゴムゴムツインブラスト, Gomu Gomu Tsuin Burasuto): Basically Luffy's normal Blast attack, only with both of his arms instead.
  • Cum-Cum 100,000 Degree Barrel (ゴムゴムの100,000ダグレーバレル, Gomu Gomu no Jūman Degurī Bareru): Basically a regular Cum-Cum Double Barrel technique, but the technique differs a little from a regular Double Barrel technique, however at the moment of impact, Luffy continued applying force to the attack despite his hands being burned by the powers of Don Achino's cursed Fruit, the Hot-Hot Fruit. As a result, Luffy was able practically use Achino's own cursed Fruit powers against him by allowing the heat being accumulated into his arms as he maintains contact with the Don's body to build-up. Thus allowing Luffy to send Achino flying away into his house, Lovely Land.
  • Cum-Cum Belly Talk (ゴムゴムハラギ, Gomu Gomu Haragi): Luffy uses Cum-Cum Balloon and draws a face on his expanded belly and moves it while he dances.
  • Cum-Cum Ricochet (ゴムゴムリコチェット, Gomu Gomu Rikochetto): Luffy uses both of his arms and legs to rapidly having them bouncing on the surface of the area to attack multiple opponents, similar to Cum-Cum Octopus Fireworks.
  • Cum-Cum Rain (ゴムゴム雨, Gomu Gomu Ame): Luffy executes Cum-Cum Balloon as well as twisting his body, using the stored air to launch himself into the air and performs a strong, rapid-fire barrage of punching and kicking attack while spinning. Similar to Cum-Cum Storm, except he punches and kicks while descending like rain. Another variation of this technique is where Luffy jumps into the air instead without inflating himself beforehand, before performing a puch-kick barrage.
  • Cum-Cum Human Shield (ゴムゴム身代り, Gomu Gomu Migawari): Luffy avoids getting hurt from his opponent by grabbing someone else around him and use them as a human shield.
  • Cum-Cum Rapid Stamp (ゴムゴムラピッドフスタンプ, Gomu Gomu Rapiddo Sutampu): Similar to Cum-Cum Stamp, except he makes multiple strikes with his foot.
  • Cum-Cum Snake Shot (ゴムゴムスネークショット, Gomu Gomu Sunēku Shotto): Luffy uses his Cursed Fruit abilities to launch his arm in a swerving snake-like movement and grasp the enemy with an open hand gripping hard enough to cause great pain. Snake shot is a type of lead shot, it is very small, fits typically into a cartridge, and is generally used to shoot at snakes, rodents, and other small animals at very close range.
  • Cum-Cum Fire Salute (ゴムゴムお礼ファイア, Gomu Gomu Orei Faia): A stronger counter version of Cum-Cum Balloon, Luffy first absorbs the gunshots the way he does normally and then accurately rebounds the bullets right back at the enemy with twice the power as when they hit him. When he used this technique, Luffy put the thumb and forefinger of each hand together to form a rectangle with a crosshair similar to Chopper's Scope ability.
  • Cum-Cum Pinball (ゴムゴムピンボール, Gomu Gomu Pinbōru): Much like Cum-Cum Octopus Fireworks except, uffy uses both of his arms and legs to rapidly having them bouncing on the surface of an entire room to attack multiple opponents.

Haki enhanced techniques[]

  • Head Armament: Cum-Cum Bell (頭武装 ゴムゴム鐘, Atama Busō: Gomu Gomu Kane): Luffy uses Armament Haki to harden his forehead and gives a powerful stretched headbutt to the opponent. A much stronger version of his standard Cum-Cum Bell attack that was able to shatter the iron shields of the New Merman Pirates' Iron Shell Squad.
  • Armament Hardening: Cum-Cum Burst (武装硬化 ゴムゴムバースト, Busō Kōka: Gomu Gomu Bāsuto): Luffy stretches one arm, far behind him while running, uses Armament Haki to harden the fist at the end of his stretched arm, then snaps it back to deliver a powerful short-distance, one-fisted blow to an opponent's abdomen.
  • Armament Hardening: Cum-Cum Rapid Fe (武装硬化 ゴムゴムラピッドファイヤー, Busō Kōka: Gomu Gomu Rapiddo Faiyā): Luffy uses Armament Haki to harden his fists, greatly increasing the strength of his standard Cum-Cum Rapid Fire attack.


Throughout the series, Luffy is often faced wit opponents that require unusual methods to defeat. For this reason, he sometimes adopts certain "forms" intended to enable him to defat those enemies. However, some of these forms are simply cosmetic and don't involve his Devil Fruit powers in any way, such as Afro Luffy, giving him no actual physical advantages whatsoever. The most revolutionary and useful of these forms so far are the "Gear" forms, as described in the section below.

The named forms that Luffy has so far used are as follows:

Mizu Luffy[]

Is mad irrelevant, needs to die

Afro Luffy[]

Afro Luffy (アフロルフィ, Afuro Rufi) is a "melee-warrior" that Luffy described himself in the Davy Back Fight Arc. During this arc, Luffy had to face Foxy the Silver Fox in the final event, Combat. Beforehand, he got to choose what he would wear for the fight. Usopp, who was with him, spotted a big black afro, and had Luffy wear it.

Usopp claims that the afro gives Luffy extra power. While donning the afro, Luffy also donned boxing shorts, boxing gloves, some type of straps on his feet, and had a temporary tattoo of a flaming skull and cross-bones on his chest. While wearing the afro, Luffy also tends to say things such as "Hell yeah!". Although only Nami and possibly Zoro think that it doesn't help anything, the others say "Because of the afro..." is how he gets more powerful (but they might be joking or just playing along).

Although this form only appears once n the original manga, Afro Luffy returns again in a filler episode. When Foxy tries to get his ship and crew back, he is forced to ask for Luffy's help. When doing so, he hands over the afro he had before, and Luffy uses it to fight.

The known Devil Fruit attacks that Luffy uses in this form are as follows:

  • Cum Hook (ゴムフック, Gomu Hokku): Luffy launches an elongated hook, which can hit the enemy’s back due to his stretching ability.
  • Cum-Cum Flail (ゴムゴムフレイル, Gomu Gomu Fureiru): Luffy swings one arm in a circle at high speed, then drives his fist into his opponent.

Gear 2nd[]

Hot luffy blood pump go fast

Gear 3rd[]

Big Bone

Nightmare Luff[]

Blue giant Luffy but really strong

Team Combinations[]