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Logia (自然系(ロギア), Shizenkei [Rogia], literally translated as "Nature System") is one of the three types of Cursed Fruit. It is characterized by giving its user the ability to turn into a natural element or force of nature. Logia Cursed Fruits are considered the most powerful of the types of Cursed Fruit as a whole.


Logia Cursed Fruits allow a person to become a natural element, either in whole or in part; In their default state, they are neither completely human nor element.

Because Logia users can turn their entire body into their element, they are virtually immune to physical harm by conventional means. Any attack will simply pass through or be absorbed harmlessly into their body which, depending on the type of element, can even cause the attack to backfire on the attacker. A Logia user can be shattered, split, or otherwise separated into multiple parts, sometimes down to the size of dust, and reform without injury.


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