Spring Fruit

Spring-Spring Fruit

The Spring-Spring Fruit (バネバネ実, Bane Bane Mi) is a Paramythia-type Cursed Fruit that allows the user to turn their legs, between the user's knees and the ankles, into springs, making the user a Spring Human (バネ人間, Bane Ningen). It was eaten by Bellamy the Hyena.

The power of the fruit was hinted at with the state of the site where Roshio was killed. The fruit's actual power was revealed when Bellamy and his crew attacked the leaders of the Saruyama Alliance in order to steal Mombran Cricket's gold.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


The major, if not only, strength of the fruit, as demonstrated by Bellamy, is that it gives its user amazing jumping and bouncing power. With this, the user is able to launch themselves at incredible speeds, in order to deliver attacks enhanced by a very high magnitude of momentum. With this, he can even break what ever he is jumping off of, shown when he split the Merry Go in half.


However, the user only seems to be able to propel themselves in a straight direction, making it easy for opponents to predict the user's trajectory. Furthermore, the user needs something to bounce off of, thus the direction is based off of the geography of the battlefield. Other than that, the fruit has the standard Cursed Fruit weakness.

Usually a Cursed Fruit power affects the whole body, instead of just two parts; it is yet to be revealed if the fruit allows the user to have other body part's turn into springs, such as the arms or torso.


The fruit's bestowed powers, as used by Bellamy, have been used primarily for combat. The basic concept is that Bellamy turns his legs into springs and then launches himself to attack an opponent; Bellamy heavily relies on this power for his combat style. Outside of combat purposes, the fruit's powers have been seen being used by Bellamy to jump to the top of a tower where Luffy was calling out for him. Other than that, any other uses the fruit may have outside of combat purposes are currently unknown.

The named techniques that are used by Bellamy that involve the Cursed Fruit are as follows:

  • Spring Sniper (スプリングスナイパー, Supuringu Sunaipā): Turning both his forelegs into springs, Bellamy launches himself directly at his opponent with a punch.
  • Spring Hopper (スプリングホッパー, Supuringu Hoppā): Bellamy's ultimate attack. Using the surrounding geography like the buildings in Jaya's square, he bounces from one spot to the next, increasing in speed with each successive spring, also disorientating opponents with the continuous sound of springing. He keeps increasing his speed to such a level that he seemingly disappears to spectators. Then he simply has to aim himself at the target and let his velocity do the rest.


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